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A Nuzlocke Run Can Help Players Build a Stronger Bond in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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The popular Nuzlocke Challenge among Pokemon fans has been making headlines recently thanks to a lot of insider talk about how the company behind the series views the community-led game run.

However, with or without comments from The Pokemon Company, this challenge that has sprouted out of the community can still enhance the experience for players, especially as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet prepare for launch.For most players, the rules in the Nuzlocke Challenge don't go much further than a content creator on Twitch or YouTube who showcases these extra difficult runs.

That being said, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's debut might be the perfect time for players to give the challenge a try and see how it can help them better bond with the new Pokemon in the game, as well as improve the familiar mechanics for longtime fans.Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Should Remedy a Major Issue With Gen 8's DLCStarting with the basics of a Nuzlocke Challenge in Pokemon titles, these runs give people the option to increase the inherent difficulty in the franchise by adding limiters on catching and reviving Pokemon.

Players are only allowed to catch the first Pokemon they find in any given area, and once a Pokemon faints it is treated as if it was killed.

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