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A magical Windows XP activation tool has been hiding in plain sight on Reddit for the last year

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If the word «Pentium» or dreamy photos of rolling green hills ignite a nostalgic fire within you, prepare to get pumped: recent developments have ensured that we'll be able to activate Windows XP forever, without needing an internet connection.

On Friday, The Register highlighted a new way to successfully activate XP without the use of a keygen—although the «new» bit is the strangest part of this story, because it seems like this method has actually been floating around for months, or even years, without much attention.

For years now the go-to way to activate a fresh Windows XP install relies on a tool called WindowsXPKg, available on Github.

It's a keygen that can generate endless product keys for XP. But that product key is only enough to get you an installation ID, which you need to punch into Microsoft's telephone activation service to get a confirmation ID that can be used to finally activate your dang computer.

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