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5 Underrated Horror Movie Final Girls

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Since Carol J. Clove wrote her 1992 book Men, Women and Chainsaws and first talked about the «final girl» trope used in horror movies, fans have been eagerly awaiting each new release, wondering if more characters will fit into the interesting category.

But while there are many celebrated final girls from horror history, most famously Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) from Halloween, there are just as many ones who don't get the attention that they should.From the main character of a cheesy but enjoyable '90s horror film to the star of a Groundhog Day-esque scary story, there are several final girls who stack up against the most popular and famous ones.5 Horror Movie Characters Who Deserve Their Own MoviesI Know What You Did Last Summer's TV series isn't very good, but the 1997 movie is still enjoyable.

While this is a '90s horror movie that holds up, Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is pretty underrated in terms of a final girl character.Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) gets all of the credit as the perfect '90s character left standing after going through an incredibly traumatic experience.

But Julie deserves some praise, too. Like Sidney, Julie is a teenager with a thriving social life and serious boyfriend (Ray Bronson, played by Freddie Prince Jr.) whose life is ruined by a terrible experience.

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