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South Park’s Best Spoof Parodied A Forgotten Stephen King Movie

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Despite many shows parodying Stephen King before them, the creators of South Park still took a risk by spoofing Children of the Corn and the episode proved a classic outing of the anarchic animated comedy.

While The Simpsons remade an obscure indie horror in one of the show’s season 33 episodes, the animated sitcom is not the only adult cartoon to spoof the horror genre on occasion.

Since its inception, South Park has parodied horror movies in many of the show’s classic episodes. Over the course of its run, South Park has expertly skewered dozens of different TV shows, movies and books.

Some of the show's most high-profile targets include the likes of The Lord of the Rings, Red Dragon and Game of Thrones. However, one of South Park’s best successful spoofs took aim at an adaptation of horror author Stephen King’s short story, Children of the Corn.

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