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5 Tearjerking Moments In Action Movies

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Audiences don’t usually cry at action movies. The goal is to draw viewers to the edge of their seats with thrilling set-pieces, not bring them to tears.

But just because a movie has explosions and car chases, it doesn’t mean it can’t also resonate on an emotional level. In fact, the dangerous situations that action heroes end up in lend themselves to a vulnerability that audiences can connect with.

From the death of Goose to the death of John Wick’s puppy to Brian O’Conner’s final race with Dom Toretto, plenty of tearjerking action movie moments have broken fans’ hearts.In countless generic revenge thrillers, gangsters murder a hitman’s entire family to motivate his vengeful rampage.

In John Wick’s ingenious inciting incident, the titular assassin is inspired to return to a life of violence by the brutal murder of the puppy left behind by his late wife.

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