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5 new things in Deathloop’s massive Golden Loop update: New weapons, powers, crossplay, and more

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Deathloop’s latest Golden Loop update was a major one, and Arkane Studios has introduced a plethora of new features with the patch, along with bringing the shooter over to Xbox consoles and the PC Game Pass.The Golden loop update saw various quality-of-life additions that players have been looking forward to seeing in the game ever since its release.Along with these features, there have been a significant number of new content additions ranging from new weapons, abilities, and enemies, as well as the new crossplay and cross-save features.Alongside the base game, this fresh batch of content finally making its way to the Game Pass has given new life to the shooter, which is seeing a surge of returning as well as new players.Today’s guide will take a look at what makes the Golden Loop update such a big deal in Deathloop and point out five of the biggest features that were added to the title with it.1) New weapon: HALPS PrototypeDeathloop’s Golden Loop update brought in the HALPS Prototype, one of the most powerful weapons in the game yet.

It is an effective laser gun that fires a continuous beam capable of burning through enemies and can even be reflected off of turrets and security cameras to hit enemies behind cover.2) The much-awaited crossplay and cross-saveThe Deathloop community has been requesting a crossplay feature for quite some time now.

Many wanted to play against their friends across multiple platforms of PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, which they are now able to do after the Golden Loop update.This is not a compulsory option, as console players who do not want to play against someone wielding a mouse and keyboard can avoid doing so, and specifically match up against other console players.With crossplay, comes

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