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5 best black Magic: The Gathering cards in Streets of New Capenna

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Magic: The Gathering’s latest expansion, Streets of New Capenna has some pretty fantastic cards hiding in the collection. This list focuses on the powerful black cards that arrived in the game with this recent update.

From potential new iterations of classic cards, graveyard and mill shenanigans, and amazing ways to search through decks for cards, there is a lot to love about black in Magic: The Gathering right now.While Magic: The Gathering’s latest expansion is heavily focused on three-colored factions, the mono-colored cards certainly shine on their own.

Black, in Streets of New Capenna, offers a great deal of graveyard control.Since black can bring creatures back from the grave, having a nice and full graveyard is often a benefit to these kinds of decks.

In this expansion, the Self-Mill and Aristocrat archetypes are both given significant updates.Self-Mill decks remove cards from their own decks and put them into the graveyard.

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