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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock The Thaumaturge Class, Teach

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According to Merriam-Webster, the word thaumaturge has its roots in the Latin 'thaumatūrgus' and regards workers of miracles and performers of wonders.

We're sure Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Hero Teach appreciates the sentiment. His class, Thaumaturge, ties traditional healing with a penchant to add some extra damage into the party's output, making for a deliciously punchy curative class.

Related:Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock The Full Metal Jaguar Class, Gray Gaining access to Teach and his Thaumaturge class can be done fairly early on, around the same time several of the other initial optional Heroes come into play.

We'll send you on your way, so you can see for yourself how great this class can be. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 acknowledges, and often plays into, the classic trinity of DPS/Tank/Healer.

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