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World of Warcraft fans just want Blizzard to be nice to Night Elves, please

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Night Elves have been part of the Warcraft universe since Warcraft 3, and they’re the source of all elf-kind. They’re one of the most popular factions in World of Warcraft, and they have a rich history and tons of lore for fans to peruse and explore.

But the faction has also been dealt a rough hand in past years, as the civilization has struggled to maintain a home in the turbulent world of Azeroth.

With the Dragonflight expansion currently in alpha, fans are hopeful for a better outcome for the Night Elves. But recently data-mined text from the Dragonflight alpha has sent ripples through the fandom, as it suggests there might be more tragedy ahead.

Namely, that Malfurion Stormrage may be put on a metaphysical bus to the Shadowlands, separating him — again! — from his love, Tyrande Whisperwind.

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