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World of Warcraft Fan Makes Dalaran Stamp Stickers

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With nearly 20 years on the market, World of Warcraft has a robust community full of talented artists. Two World of Warcraft fans just showed off some of their latest work–an adorable set of postage stamps themed after the floating Azerothian mage-city of Dalaran.The stamps themselves were designed by graphic design and illustrator Sam Gartell and showcased by his partner, character and merchandise artist Charlotte Bell, who goes by Pokepaws on Twitter and Reddit.

While the two artists have their own separate works, they collaborate together on many art projects as well.World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Removing Race Restrictions on Three ClassesThe stickers are bright and vibrant, and they look just like real postage stamps.

Featuring the Eye of Dalaran, the stamps look like they came straight out of the secret mailroom in World of Warcraft. While the stickers are not legal to use in place of a real stamp, they can be used to decorate water bottles, folders, laptops, or anything else one can slap a sticker on.

The vinyl stickers are also waterproof and scratchproof.Bell and Gartel have created all sorts of artwork together. Beyond cute stickers of Warcraft characters, like the new Dragonflight duck and the infamous gnoll Hogger, they also sell travel posters of various locations inWorld of Warcraft.

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