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Wordle 330 Answer for May 15, 2022

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The New York Times Games is back again today with another challenging Wordle word of the day. English-speaking word puzzle enthusiasts will be logging on all over the world to give this puzzle a try, and if any of them need help, this article is filled with tips, hints, and even the complete Wordle spoiler.Wordle is a simple-to-play word game that went viral earlier this year.

In January 2022, Wordle was purchased by the New York Times Games website where it has been hosted ever since. For now, the game is free-to-play; all players have to do is search for Wordle and click on the NYTs Games link to get started.Wordle 329 Answer for May 14, 2022Once at the right site, choose a starting word.

This needs to be a five-letter long word for Wordle, and it needs to be a real English word. Wordle answers are not plural words, and they are almost always the Americanized spellings of words.

Wordle answers can have duplicated letters, like the answer from a few weeks ago: VIVID. Type the chosen staring word into the site and press enter.

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