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Why The Machines Didn't Kill Neo When He Awoke From The Matrix

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Of all The Matrix’s headscratchers, one of the biggest is why the machines don’t attack Neo when he wakes up from the Matrix — however, there are in-universe explanations for it.

While The Matrix and its sequels can brag about having several iconic moments that remain to this day in the audiences’ memories, Neo waking up from the Matrix might be the most visually impactful sequence from the first movie.

It encapsulates much of what The Matrix is about, and it completely flips the tone and the visuals of the film. The question of “what is the Matrix” was the main motto of the marketing campaign leading up to The Matrix, and it created a certain level of expectations even though no one knew exactly what the movie was going to be about.

Audiences all over the world wanted to find the answer to the question, and, in a way, Neo’s doubts about the world he was living in represented that on-screen.

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