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Why is the new Predator movie only on Hulu?

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The Predator film franchise might never have scaled the heights of the original 1987 movie — a suspenseful action classic, directed by John McTiernan and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger — but its three sequels to date have been reliably entertaining theatrical experiences, and reliably profitable at the box office. (The latter goes for the trashier Alien vs.

Predator spinoffs, too.) So it’s a surprise to see the latest film in the series, Prey, go straight to streaming on Hulu. Although it has a stripped-down premise, presenting a clash between an alien Predator and a Comanche warrior 300 years ago, word from the largely positive reviews is that the film would play well in theaters if it had the chance (indeed, that’s how some critics saw it).

Prey would probably be a welcome addition to the relatively quiet late-summer release schedule for audiences and theater owners alike.

Not only that, but by debuting on streaming only, Preyis swimming against the tide. While some studios sought to push films to streaming to boost their subscriber numbers during the pandemic, the box office has well and truly bounced back this year, led by the extraordinary success of Top Gun: Maverick.

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