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What Under The Banner Of Heaven’s Title Quote Means For Dan’s Demise

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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Under the Banner of Heaven episode 4. Under the Banner of Heaven episode 4 finally sees its characters mention the title scripture quote, with the line meaning far more to Dan’s demise than simply his polygamous interests.

The true story of Brenda Lafferty’s murder explores the dangers of religious fanaticism, delusions, and fundamentalist beliefs, with the killers using Mormon scriptures as validation for their crimes.

While polygamy was outlawed nearly a century before Under the Banner of Heaven’s story takes place, Dan Lafferty becomes increasingly obsessed with following the original practice, as justified by a Mormon prophet John Taylor’s 1880 polygamy-defending address.

When Dan and Robin go to a farm in Colorado City, they come into contact with fundamentalist Mormons, who continue to practice polygamy and various other fundamentalist beliefs against the laws of the United States government.

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