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What Redfall's Gameplay Can Learn From Deathloop

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Arkane Studios has been making more of a name for itself in recent years, with popular releases and award-winning games attracting more and more attention from players and critics alike.

After the success of the time-warped FPSDeathloop, Arkane's next game Redfall is garnering a lot of interest ahead of its own launch next year.

The developer will undoubtedly use its expertise and the lessons learned from previous releases to help shape Redfall,even if it's a brand-new IP with its own unique gameplay.With similarly slick aesthetics, first-person action, and a stylish and original world, both Deathloop and Redfallhave a few things in common.

Players may be taking down Visionaries and their goons in Deathloop and will be up against scientifically engineered vampires inRedfall, but there are some elements of the former's gameplay that the latter could utilize to make sure it's just as successful and fun to play.Comparing Redfall's Vampires to Other Video Game VampiresWhen gamers start Deathloop, they have very little information to go on regarding who the main character Colt is and what he's doing stuck in a time loop on the deadly island of Blackreef.

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