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What is Spriggan? Everything You Need to Know About the Netflix Anime

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Among Netflix's upcoming gauntlet of anime releases is the revival of a series Netflix calls «The Landmark of Action Manga.» The title in question is Spriggan, based on the manga of the same name by Hiroshi Takashige with artwork by Ryoji Minagawa.Spriggan began publication in 1989 and ran until 1996, around which time the manga was released in the U.S.

as Striker. However, the American version was heavily censored to «mask anti-American sentiments» according to MyAnimeList.Bubble: The Underlying Themes in Araki's Passion ProjectFans of old-school anime cinema might recall the 1998 adaptation by Studio 4°C, which had lots of slick action and plenty of gorgeously detailed guns.

It's the kind of anime looked back on more for its incredible visuals than for its storyline. The critical and audience reception among broad film aggregates and even MyAnimeList are fairly mixed on the movie.Yet despite the film being more of a cult film with a niche following, the new series release has the potential to reignite interest.

This comes around the same time that Seven Seas Entertainment is licensing the original manga to be released in the west under its original name.If ever there was a time for Spriggan to come back strong and stake its claim as a «Landmark» as Netflix's marketing so boldly claims, this would be the time.

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