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What Is Nvidia RTX Remix? Maybe, the Biggest Breakthrough for PC Game Modding Ever

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The big news from Nvidia this week was, of course, the announcement of its new GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs. But the company also uncorked some exciting software developments.

The one that caught our eye is Nvidia RTX Remix, which has the potential to be a real head turner. For ages, modding PC games has been a way of life for the PC gaming community, and indeed is the lifeblood of many older titles.

Game modding has even served as the origin of whole new game genres. MOBAs and battle royales, most notably, emerged from fan-made mods of existing retail games.

And the PC gaming crowd still actively mods thousands of old and new titles today. Among the most popular varieties of mod are ones that bring on graphical improvements, kicking up detail and/or quality in a title from an older time.

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