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Watch: Twitch streamer Miekii stops a bicycle jacking in New York

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On stream, Twitch streamer Michael "Miekii" came across a man standing by a bicycle rack in New York City. It appeared that the man was attempting to break the lock on the bicycle with a piece of rebar.The streamer approached the man and stopped him, letting him know that the police were called.

The man insisted that the bicycle was his, but the scene didn't add up.The uber deliveryman and streamer was out exploring New York city on his bicycle when he came across a man wearing a face mask and a hoodie trying to break the lock off of a bicycle with a piece of rebar.

He parked his bike next to the bicycle rack the man was trying to steal from and approached him.The man was acting shady, initially saying that the bike was his and that he couldn't unlock it normally.

Considering that he was trying to disguise his appearance and forcibly break the lock, the streamer didn't buy his explanation.

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