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Wanted: Dead - Exclusive Hands-On With This Bonkers PS2-Era Throwback

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I didn’t know that I wanted to be a katana-wielding police officer in a cyberpunk version of Hong Kong who fights a giant spider tank and then eats five bowls of ramen, but that’s what I got with upcoming slasher/shooter Wanted: Dead, and I haven’t been able to put it down.

Everything from its bizarre story and tone to its challenging and chaotic combat reminds me of the PS2/OG Xbox era of games from my youth, where experimentation and style was prioritized over polish.

And there’s something awesome about that approach that’s captured my attention and kept me smiling ear to ear after over 15 hours with it.One of the main ways in which Wanted: Dead nails its old school feel is in the high level of difficulty of its fantastic combat.

While slashing and shooting my way through armies of enemies, death loomed constantly, as even one mistake could mean instant death for my ninja cop.

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