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Valheim Celebrates Its Second Midsummer and Reveals New Content

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Iron Gate AB has yet to fully release its early access title Valheim, but the Viking survival game continues to receive content and fixes through regular patches in preparation for such a launch.

Confirming more information about this year's Valheim Midsummer event, Iron Gate AB also detailed additions coming to the game with the anticipated Mistlands update.Midsummer has officially kicked off in Valheim, World of Warcraft, Monster Hunter: World, and other games that celebrate the summer solstice, and this year's Valheim changes include more than last year's offerings.

Although Valheim players were able to construct Maypole's and certain types of banners during last year's event of the same name, Valheim's Midsummer 2022 patch adds even more colorful banners to the crafting list alongside a crown of flowers.

Going beyond what's available in the Midsummer update, Iron Gate AB also teased some things coming with the Mistlands update beyond the new biome itself.Valheim Player Builds Genius Underwater TunnelThe Valheim Mistlands update fittingly will bring the Mistlands biome to the survival game, adding to the existing nine distinct biomes that each include their own enemies and materials to collect.

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