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Users modding Steam Deck internal storage get warning from Valve

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Valve just issued a warning to Steam Deck owners looking to mod the internal storage. The company has been pretty gracious to users who want to mod the Steam Deck up to this point.

The manufacturer allows consumers the right to repair and made it easy to get into the machine and replace components. However, as reported by Destructoid, Twitter user Belly Jelly took it upon themselves to open up the Steam Deck and tinker with the internal storage.

Belly Jelly removed the stock internal storage device, a 2230 M.2 PCIe SSD, and put in a 2242 length model. This created a bend in the SSD when replacing the case, and did not fit entirely.

However, it was still able to run fine, even with the bowing created by the tight fit. Besides this issue, heat build-up concerns are a major worry for Valve.

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