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Ultimate Spellbook reportedly making its way to League of Legends PBE 12.13 cycle, expected to feature 18 new Ultimates

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Ultimate Spellbook is rumored to be making its way back to the League of Legends servers after going through a testing period on the PBE test servers.The rumors arose from certain datamined files which were mentioned on Surrender@20 and hint at the fact that the incredibly popular but temporary game mode might be on its way back in the next rotation with 18 new ultimates.Game modes like Ultimate Spellbook, URF, and ARURF are some of the most popular alternate modes in League of Legends, and fans were quite excited to know which one was next in line to rotate onto the live servers.Based on the recent datamine, it would seem that Ultimate Spellbook is the one that is likely to make its way back onto the live servers.

According to the leak, the mode is expected to arrive in the PBE 12.13 cycle for testing so that it can go live in either the officialpatch of 12.13 or 12.14.The datamine mentions that the Ultimate Spellbook mode, if it does make its way to the League of Legends PBE and then to the live servers, will be arriving with 18 new ultimates for fans to play around with.The new speculated ultimates areThe magic of Ultimate Spellbook and why it’s so highly sought after by players is the unique gameplay variety that it offers with every match.

The mode has an array of champion utimates that players will be able to pick in the game, and mix it in with the kit of another champion.This opens up a variety of gameplay opportunities that will allow players to come up with some incredible combos by making certain ultimates interact with a champion who does not come with the ability.For example, being able to mix Ekko with Skarner, or even Viego with Cho’gath makes for some amazing combos that players should not hesitate to try

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