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Twitch Streamer xQc Criticizes Pokimane Amid Gambling Stream Drama

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Popular Twitch streamer Felix «xQc» Lengyel criticizes Pokimane amid gambling stream drama that continues to unfold despite the platform announcing a ban for most forms of that type of content.

Only two days removed from Twitch confirming that most gambling streams will end, the repercussions of the crusade continue to cause statements from major livestreamers on the platform.Pokimane is among several Twitch streamers like Asmongold, HasanAbi, and Mizkif that have been vocal in recent months about how toxic gambling streams are to the community.

Gambling content is something xQc had dabbled in with past streams, something that became more frequent with a Stake brand deal which has incentivized more slots.

Although he's always stayed active in the gaming community as well, xQc has been a defender of gambling on Twitch, and he thinks that some livestreamers don't actually care and are clout-chasing.Dr Disrespect Criticizes Twitch's Revenue Split ChangePrior to Twitch's announcement about the end of gambling streams, Pokimane began trending with a tweet that has been liked by over 318,000 people which may have been heard by higher-ups given the swift ban news.

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