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"CAN U STREAM MINECRAFT ON TWITCH": Doja Cat and Jack Manifold's Twitter back and forth leaves Minecraft community wanting more

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A Twitter interaction between American rap sensation Doja Cat and Minecraft streamer Jack Manifold, aka "JackManifoldTV," has caught the eye of the gaming community.

The Twitter thread blew up after Jack floated the idea of the rapper appearing as his teammate in the next iteration of the Minecraft Championship.While she refused to have anything to do with it, fans of the game nonetheless bombarded her with requests about playing it on Twitch.Other prominent streamers such as Tubbo, Classify and TommyInnit also got in on the fun by taking the banter further.

However, Doja Cat had no idea about the game and flatly declined the offer.The streamer was persistent and offered to teach Doja the ways of Minecraft in the DMs, but was still rejected.

Responding with a "no," some deemed her reply a bit too rude.The solitary response didn't sit right with Jack and he protested, saying she was being rude.

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