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"The TV show is the single worst Halo media ever": Hardcore franchise fans frustrated after Master Chief's intimate scene

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It's an open secret that the Halo gaming community completely hates the TV series and the way it has been executed. Many hardcore fans feel that the series has been a waste of Paramount's huge opportunity.While the numbers suggest that the reception has been positive, the sentiments of the gamers say otherwise.

The worst has been reached with the penultimate episode related to Master Chief having an intimate scene with a fellow character.The latest incident is one of several decisions on the show that fans aren't happy with.

Paramount's decisions have been the main problem, as many have accused the series of not following lore. While some of the points could be debated, there's nobody who has liked what happened in the penultimate episode.

Naturally, the series is being referred to by some as the worst adaptation of the game.The sentiments against the Halo TV series were negative even before the first episode was shown.

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