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@CaptD The Craigbears (or whatever) weren’t the most easy to find but I agree it was a pretty straightforward platinum, especially compared to the reboot.

That said, I think I preferred the reboot but Rift Apart is a great PS5 exclusive. No platinum trophy for Wahammer 40k: Boltgun… what the literal ****!?!? @colonelkilgore Same with Cosmodread, crazy devs what are they thinking. @sorteddan @Thrillho I've played all the Ratchet games, even All for One and I think Crack in Time is my favourite but I really liked the set pieces in the latest and rail grinding is my favourite pasttime so the latest Ratchet is up there as one of the best for me.

I got the platinum in Demon's Souls (PS5). @johncalmc Congrats, an awesome remake. Umbasa. @CaptD Congratulations on that Rift Apart platinum!

Nice to know it'll be obtainable when I finally get around to playing it, as is my intention someday. @johncalmc Impressive, nicely done!

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