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The Sandman's TWO Johanna Constantines Explained

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Warning: SPOILERS for The Sandman Episode 3 — «Dream A Little Dream Of Me» and Episode 6 — «The Sound Of Her Wings» Jenna Coleman cleverly plays TWO versions of Johanna Constantine in The Sandman, and here's how the two Joannas connect to each other and to the absent John Constantine.

In Netflix's The Sandman, the Constantine surname is also restored to its proper pronunciation. While American audiences are accustomed to hearing it pronounced «Con-stan-TEEN,» thanks to Keanu Reeve's 2005 Constantine movie and Matt Ryan's John Constantine in DC's Legends of Tomorrow, when Alan Moore created the rogue British mage in the pages of Swamp Thing, he originally intended John's surname to be pronounced as «Con-stan-TYNE.» Both incarnations of Johanna Constantine in The Sandman announce their last name as the proper «Con-stan-TYNE.» In The Sandman episode 3, Dream of the Endless (Tom Sturridge) comes to Johanna Constantine for help to recover one of his lost symbols of office, his bag of dream sand.

It turns out Constantine once possessed the sand but she left it with her former lover when Johanna vanished and ended the relationship.

Against her wishes, Johanna acquiesced and confronted her ex once more but tragically found Dream's magical sand had left her barely alive and in a state of perpetual dreaming.

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