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The Rising Of The Shield Hero: How Much Rishia Changed Since Season 1?

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Everyone wants to see protagonists develop, but side characters need to be their best selves too. Watching a character’s journey is entertaining, even when they’re not the primary focus of a story.

The best anime series have enough character development to go around, which makes for a more rounded cast and a deeper story.Rishia Ivyred of The Rising of the Shield Hero experienced changes from the first season to the second that made her a more engaging character to watch.

While her development was more rushed than necessary, that’s a story for another time. Still, how much has she changed?The Rising of the Shield Hero: The Dangers of Brainwashing and Willful IgnoranceThe first time viewers meet Rishia is in season 1, after she attempted to drown herself because the bow hero kicked her out of his party.

Naofumi and his party take her in as one of their own with the intention of helping her to develop to a point where she can be accepted back into the bow hero’s party.

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