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The Legend Of Heroes: Trails From Zero - The Most Important Optional Conversations

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Trails from Zero follows in the footsteps of several other games in the Trails series by featuring a frankly jaw-dropping amount of optional dialogue text.

Every time something noteworthy occurs in Crossbell, at least two-thirds of the city's populace, as well as folks living in outskirts towns, working at the hospital, and the like, all have something new to say.

It's a lot. Related:The Legend Of Heroes: Trails From Zero - Prologue Sidequests Guide Connoisseurs of lush RPG worldbuilding will fall in love with this standout Trails trait, but even among the most scholarly of sorts, there comes a time when it's all too much.

We get that. So, here's a compromise. Find the ones that matter most. We'll guide your path. There's a cat on the SSS building's rooftop named Coppe.

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