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The Last Of Us Part 1: All Firefly Pendants - The Suburbs

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After the chaos that came with escaping the city of Pittsburgh, The Last of Us Part 1 refuses to let up and allow a break from the action, instead continuing to ratchet up the tension by throwing Ellie, Joel, Sam, and Henry into increasingly dangerous situations.

Chapter five of The Last of Us Part 1 sees the group enter Pittsburgh's suburban sewer system as they attempt to make their way radio tower rendezvous at the city outskirts; they soon discover, however, that they aren't the only ones alive down there.Related: The Last of Us Part 1: All Optional Conversations — The SuburbFinding Firefly pendants can be tricky at the best of times, but the dark tunnels and hidden passageways that punctuate the labyrinthine sewer structure make finding them all the more difficult in this chapter of the game. This guide will show players where to find all four Firefly pendants in The Suburbs to help them make progress toward the«Look for the Light» achievement.This chapter opens with the group washed up on a beach.

Upon regaining control of Joel, head forwards to the blue and white boat and climb up. Drop down through the opening in the deck towards the stern of the vessel; the Josh Scheffler Firefly pendant is found down here by some netting.After entering the sewers, head along the tunnels until coming across a small opening in the wall to the right with water rushing out, just before Joel and Ellie split up from Henry and Sam.

After crawling through, this pendant will be beneath a body by some supplies to Joel’s left.After reuniting with Henry and Sam, the group will reach a flooded section that Joel must find a way for the group to cross.

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