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The Best Upcoming Games from LudoNarraCon

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The yearly digital convention LudoNarraCon, which focuses on celebrating narrative-driven games, came to an end earlier this week, having showcased some of the most celebrated—and upcoming—indie games of the year so far.

You may recognise some of them: interstellar narrative RPG Citizen Sleeper; heart-to-heart chat simulator Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly; the effortlessly stylish and cosmic Genesis Noir; and the eye-opening and tear-inducing adventure game, Before Your Eyes.

But there are plenty more indies worth a second (or third) look, and with 33 (!!!) demos available during the event—some of which are still available now—it may be a lot to sift through all of them.

Here are the best upcoming games from the convention, which should hopefully see a release this year or in the near future. Related: Morse Lets You Launch Rockets And Kill Soldiers With Morse Code Anyone who has watched slice-of-life anime like Fruits Basket, Nichijou and A Silent Voice would find that A Space For The Unbound is stepping on familiar ground—it’s a game that revels in the mundanity and smallest joys of everyday life.

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