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The Art Of Scoring Sci-Fi Movies

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Any film lover can recognize that a movie is much more than just dialogue and moving images. Movies have several essential layers that help the audience to feel present and immersed in the story, like graphics, cinematography, acting – the list goes on.

One essential factor in all films (since practically the beginning of films) is the music that accompanies the tale and mood of the movie.

This point is especially true in the case of particular genres that require a lot of detail to build the world they’re set in, like Westerns, or horror, or science fiction.That said, genres like westerns and horror films have an easier time creating the appropriate score because they exist in past, modern, or near-future timelines.

This means that creators can be more sure of their music choices because they have an idea of what to base it on. In science fiction, however, the score is usually being written to reflect a world that is set in the distant future, which adds a layer of difficulty to the task.Hans Zimmer Recalls What It Was Like Working With Denis Villeneuve On The Dune ScoreBased on how much the sound of music has evolved just over the past 50 years, we can assume there’s no sure way to know what the music of the future will sound like.

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