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The 10 best deals from the 2022 Steam Summer Sale

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The Steam Summer Sale has some of the best deals you can find on Steam, but they only appear for a limited time. You want to jump on your favorite games quickly before they return to full price.

Some of these deals are better than others, and we highly recommend grabbing these games while you have the chance. This guide details the 10 best deals from the Steam Summer Sale.

Top 10 Deals in the Steam Summer Sale Death Stranding Director’s Cut Death Stranding was originally a PlayStation game that has made its way over to Steam and has been a surprise hit for many during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

It’s a dystopian future game where an event known as the Death Stranding has occurred, creating a connection between the living and the dead, and you play as Sam Bridges, who is going around what’s left of the United States, making deliveries for survivors.

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