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Tectone shares wholesome moment with gym owner over anime in recent stream

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While working out at a local gym with several other members of the famed OTK group, Tectone found out that the gym's owner and their trainer, Rob, also happens to love anime.

Despite being fatigued from his workout, Tectone immediately lit up with excitement and had to go confirm this fact.It was a rather wholesome moment for the streamer, as the older man spoke about some of his favorite anime.(Clip begins at 53:27)After a round of workouts, Tectone was made aware that his trainer, who had been working with them up until that point, also happened to be an anime fan.

The shocked yet excited content creator said:The trainer smiled and responded positively, prompting a conversation between the two about what anime the gym owner liked.Between gasps for breath, the exhausted streamer had to know more about Rob’s anime preferences, so he moved closer to discuss.

He’d ask the gym owner what anime he watched and got this reply:The streamer was beyond excited to briefly talk about anime, and wanted to know more.

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