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Superman’s Marriage Was Saved Thanks To One of His Villains

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The wackiest of all of Superman's rogues may have done him a huge favor. The interdimensional nuisance Mr. Mxyzptlk helped Clark Kent and Lois Lane get back together in a way only he could.

Of all the villains in Superman's rogues' gallery, by far the most strange has to be Mr. Mxyzptlk. As a resident of the fifth dimension, Mxyzptlk has powers far beyond those of anyone in the third dimension.

But the all-powerful imp doesn't seek world conquest or anything like that. Mxyzptlk just seeks out entertainment by toying with lower life forms.

His favorite person to prank is Superman, who Mxyzptlk actually sees as a worthy foe. Unlike all the other lifeforms challenged by the jokester, Superman has consistently been able to put an end to the games by getting Mxyzptlk to reveal his name backwards, sending the villain back to his home dimension.

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