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Stowaway Review: A Great Cast Can’t Overcome An Uninspiring Script

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Heist movies provide some of the best watching experiences when it comes to thrilling audiences with suspense and intrigue. Often, these types of films come with a good amount of action sequences and fascinating backstories for all impacted parties.

Declan Whitebloom, known for his vibrant storytelling in music videos for some of the world’s biggest artists, aims to bring his enthusiasm for filming onto the big screen.

However, Whitebloom struggles to bring the excitement into his heist film, Stowaway, his feature debut, like he’s done in past music videos.

Previously called The Yacht, the story follows Bella Denton (Ruby Rose), an impecunious and tenacious young woman whose street smarts have taken her far in a life of petty crime and partying.

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