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Starfield and Future Elder Scrolls Made Xbox-Exclusive After Microsoft Acquired Zenimax – Sony

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As part of its response to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, Sony has argued that Microsoft made Starfield and future The Elder Scrolls releases exclusive to Xbox after its acquisition of Zenimax.

According to Mp1st, Sony made the statement as part of its arguments that Microsoft’s claims of keeping future releases multiplatform are not relevant to the current situation with its impending acquisition of Activision Blizzard. “First, Microsoft argues that “its past business practices are consistent with its stated position” that it does not intend to remove Call of Duty from PlayStation (or degrade access to it),” said Sony in its statement. “This is difficult to square with what has actually happened.

The CMA “reviewed Microsoft’s strategy following its previous acquisitions” and found that Microsoft “typically makes games exclusive to Xbox”.

Microsoft has never disputed this.” “Microsoft is fond of arguing that, with its prior acquisitions, it did not make the existing, already released games it acquired exclusive to Xbox.

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