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Splatoon 3: How To Earn Food And Drink Tickets

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Splatoon 3 offers many things to take on, ranging from a fun and challenging Hero Mode to its competitive and exhilarating multiplayer modes and even side activities you can participate in if you get frustrated or bored with the others.

Furthermore, you can increase your Gear and Level Ranks by participating in the game's online multiplayer. RELATED: Splatoon 3: Beginner Tips While you will have to play lots of matches to obtain the max Gear and Level Ranks in Splatoon 3, this can be expedited by using Food and Drink Tickets that you can earn by participating in various activities in the game.

However, it's never quite explained how you could obtain these Tickets or where to use them, leaving some players confused in the early goings. Food and Drink Tickets are a redeemable currency in Splatoon 3 that allows you to obtain unique buffs from the Crab-N-Go vendor found in the Lobby. The Food buffs will increase your Battle Cash and EXP payout, whereas Drinks will grant you better Gear EXP and will increase your odds of receiving specific abilities when your Gear level increases.

The twist, however, is that each item on the menu has its own ticket, meaning if you want the Crab Trap Sandwich buff, you will need to obtain the Crab Trap Sandwich Ticket. Furthermore, there are only a handful of ways to get Food and Drink Tickets, with most being a random reward for completing certain activities.

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