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Spiderhead’s Best Songs Give Away All The Movie’s Twists

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Warning: SPOILERS about Spiderhead ahead. Netflix’s hit sci-fi thriller Spiderhead features a slew of classic yacht rock songs on its soundtrack, and each of them cues up one of the movie's huge surprises before they're revealed.

Like the George Saunders short story it is based on, Netflix’s dark satire Spiderhead is filled with killer twists. Initially, the simple story of a sketchy pharmaceutical researcher experimenting on prisoners with drugs, Spiderhead gradually proves darker, weirder, and more inventive than that synopsis implies.

Spiderhead director Joseph Kosinski’s escapist hit Top Gun: Maverickwas critically lauded for being a straightforward, effective action movie, while the helmer’s Netflix sci-fi flick is an altogether stranger beast.

Spiderhead’s heroes eventually prove — when their backstories are revealed — to be more morally ambiguous than they initially seem, while the movie’s villain has a surprisingly understandable logic and sympathetic motives that make him easier to empathize with than he appears at first.

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