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Sony buying Square Enix would be the best thing for both of them – Reader’s Feature

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A reader examines the recent rumours and explanations for Square Enix’s sale of Tomb Raider and hopes that Sony is buying them after all.Like many people, I’ve been watching the news about Warner Bros.

this week in disbelief. Their decision to can the almost complete Batgirl, remove films from their streaming service, and completely change their approach to DC Comics has been heavily criticised by everyone and resulted in their stock price tanking.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to them eventually, but it all seems such an unnecessary, self-inflicted wound that it couldn’t help but remind me of video games.Specifically, it reminded me of Square Enix, who’s bizarre decision to sell almost their entire Western business for what, on a corporate scale, is pocket change seems not only crazy but completely inexplicable.

They had to offer some kind of explanation to investors though and came up with the idea that it was because they were worried about the games cannibalising each other’s sales, which is so nonsensical I can only assume it was a translation error… or the worst excuse since the classic tale of your dog eating your homework.Digging through the rumours and theories you come to the much more reasonable explanation that the two developers were overly expensive to run and that the management didn’t get on with Square Enix HQ in Japan.

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