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Somebody is taking the piss with Asuka R#’s Guilty Gear Strive Starter Guide

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While Guilty Gear has always been known for its complex and powerful characters, especially when compared to many other fighting games, somebody at Arc System Works may actually be taking this piss with the release of “That Man” Asuka R#, whose new Starter Guide reveals an arcane nightmare.

The progenitor of peace is certainly not living up to his reputation, stepping into the ring armed with an ancient tome of spells that provide myriad aggressive and defensive abilities, as well as keeping the opponent locked down in what is borderline abject terror, awaiting the next screen-filling mythic melee.

Mana forms the backbone of most of Asuka R#’s attacks, and provides fuel for a range of spells that can be “bookmarked” and then released.

In addition, Mana provides defense for Asuka R#’s health, and he suffers increased damage without it. Mana can be restored by activating certain attacks, or by activating a dedicated Restore Mana special.

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