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SolForge Fusion wants to be the next generation of tabletop deck building

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Every tabletop enthusiast has a favorite mechanic. Mine is deck construction. I’m an avid player of Ascension, a meddler in Magic: The Gathering, a lover of Gloomhaven, and a fiend for all other staples of the genre.

To say I was excited to hear that Richard Garfield (creator of MTG) and Justin Gary (creator of Ascension) were creating SolForge Fusion together is an understatement.

After many months of Kickstarter tracking and Reddit forum searching, last week I finally got to blaze the trail to the forge during this year’s Gen Con in Indianapolis.

Fundamentally, the game is a revival of the original SolForge(a free-to-play digital card game released in 2016). Fusion was designed as a trading card game that could be playable for players of all skill levels.

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