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Skyrim Video Shows Spider and Elk 'Teaming Up' to Kill the Dragonborn

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The many animals and NPCs of Skyrim are known to respond to the player in strange ways depending on the circumstances, and this continues with the recent release of the Anniversary Edition.

One Skyrim player has come across such an occurrence as an elk and spider duo surprisingly team up to kill the powerful Dragonborn.Reddit user The-govnah posted a clip of their adventure through the world of Skyrim in which they are attacking an enemy spider near one of the early game locations as an elk approaches with an aggressive demeanor.

Typically, when players are ambushed in such a way, the onslaught includes one of the countless randomly spawning Skyrim dragons, but The-govnah's video exclusively focuses on two lower-powered enemies in the open world.

Although similar attacks are occasionally accompanied by an appearance of the Courier or Madwoman, The-govnah's character is killed so quickly that they couldn't respond to the introduction of the elk, let alone a suddenly manifested NPC.Shocking Skyrim Clip Shows Ulundil Singlehandedly Killing a DragonThe-govnah's clip begins with the aforementioned Skyrim spider lunging at the Dragonborn as the player slashes at it with an Imperial sword from the third-person perspective, which shows off their heavy armor and iron shield.

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