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Return to Monkey Island: A Complete Guide to Part 5 (Beneath the Monkey Head)

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After finding the five Golden Keys to unlock the cabinet containing the secret of Monkey Island, Return to Monkey island players will find themselves back on the series' titular island.

Part 5 begins with Guybrush and Elaine trekking through the jungle, with Elaine attempting to temper the expectations of both her husband and the player with some clever and thoughtful dialog.Every Monkey Island Game, RankedEventually, the pair reach the giant monkey head, but are accosted by Flair before they can head inside.

Elaine hangs back to deal with the pesky pirate, allowing Guybrush to push onward down into the depth of Monkey Island. Here, he and the player will need to solve several challenging puzzles in order to reach the climax of Return to Monkey Island and finally uncover the series' longstanding secret after more than three decades of waiting.Soon after heading underground, players will run into Wally, who is hanging precariously above a pit of lava.

If players had the foresight to scribble down the serial number of the shackles on the deck of LeChuck's ship in Part 2 and then got a key made upon their return to Melee in the previous part, they'll be able to use this key to rescue the map maker and unlock the Free Wally achievement.

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