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Punisher's Origin Makes Way More Sense If He Didn't Love His Family

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Since his inception, the Punisher has always been a troubled character. As a war veteran scarred by the horrors of battle, Frank Castle returns home only to promptly find his family violently taken away from him.

His trauma shaped him to become one of the Marvel Universe’s most efficient vigilantes, and ruthless killers. While this premise makes for fascinating reading, in reality the Punisher’s origins would make a lot more sense if he didn’t love his family, at least, not in the traditional sense of the word.

Frank Castle was a highly efficient soldier during his time in the army. In his various origins, he’s been everything from a gifted infantryman to an exceptionally deadly black ops soldier.

In either case, he saw combat action, killed enemy combatants, and came home a war hero, ready to return to his family. When tragedy strikes again and his family is killed by criminals, Frank Castle enlists in a new kind of war, creating the Punisher persona and violently lashing out at criminals.

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