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PS1 Games on PS4, PS5 Have a Big Downside

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Earlier this year, Sony announced PlayStation Plus Premium, a new subscription model for its paid online service.

This revamped service offers three tiers of subscription, with its most expensive option granting players the opportunity to play classic games across Playstation's back catalog.

However, with today’s launch of PlayStation Plus Premium in Asia, fans have noticed that many of its PS1 games are, in fact, the PAL ports of classic titles instead of the original NTSC versions.While mostly abandoned in the modern era of gaming, the European 50 Hz refresh rate PAL standard is often considered inferior to the 60 Hz NTSC standard in the United States and Japan.

Game developers throughout the PS1 era mainly optimized their games for NTSC regions and later created what some fans consider inferior PAL ports due to graphical problems and game speed issues.

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