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Predator Set up Humans as the Perfect Opposite to Alien's Xenomorphs

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While the extra terrestrial species known as Predators have always considered Alien’s Xenomorphs to be their ultimate prey, they have also held humans in a high enough regard to see them as worthy adversaries as well, and, in fact, the Predators have set up humans as the perfect opposite to the Xenomorphs in regard to their own life cycle.

While Xenomorphs might have evolved specifically to fight Predators, humanity's innate skills are more than a match for the alien hunters.

The Predator was introduced in the 1987 Action/Sci-Fi movie Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch, the action-heavy hero who succeeds in defeating the highly skilled and highly advanced alien hunter.

Since that film, the Predators have consistently used humans as prey to test their own might, from sequel films to comic book franchises.

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