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Potion Permit review – ye olde pharmacy simulator

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Ultra violence and punishing difficulty are nowhere to be found in this charming, bucolic adventure where you play as a JRPG chemist.For fans of cottagecore and tweeness, the cosy genre, as typified by Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, is like coming home.

Eschewing violence, bloodshed, and horror – as well as typical action elements like driving, flying, and sports – cosy games instead tend to feature farming, friendship, and purely cosmetic home decoration.

It’s a genre where the world is a small welcoming village, and nobody has surface-to-air missiles.That’s just the sort of place you’ll find in Potion Permit.

Its village of Moonbury is more or less what you’d expect from the genre: an isometric cute-fest that includes both people’s houses and businesses.

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