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Pokemon Fusion Fan Art Combines Chandelure and Charizard

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While Charizard and Chandelure might not appear to have much in common design-wise, one talented Pokemon fan has made fusion artwork that successfully blends the two Pokemon together.

Pokemon fusion art is quite popular with the gaming community due to the large number of pocket monsters available to combine, and the number is about to get even bigger following the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in a couple of months.With so many pocket monsters featured throughout the generations of Pokemon games, there is no shortage of creature designs for talented artists to try and blend together.

However, despite the myriad Pokemon fusion art on Reddit, this new design combining Charizard and Chandelure managed to stand out.

Created by a Reddit user known as HoundoomKaboom, the artist utilized pixel art for the piece, and they were able to pull together some of the best parts of the designs of both Pokemon.Pokemon Fan is Making 108 Spiritomb-Themed Ceramic MugsDespite Charizard being similar in appearance to a dragon and Chandelure looking quite literally like a chandelier, HoundoomKaboom still was able to make the seemingly disparate designs blend well.

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