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Pokemon Fan Creates Origami Figure of Vaporeon

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Pokemon fans are constantly making headlines for their fan art in a wide array of styles, demonstrating just how artistically talented the massive fandom is.

This happens to be the case yet again, with one Pokemon fan creating an impressive origami sculpture modeled after Vaporeon.Around since the first generation of Pokemon, Vaporeon is the Water-type evolution for fan-favorite Eevee, most often when Eevee is given a Water Stone to hold.

The Pokemon is one of the more popular Eeveelutions, with Vaporeon becoming the Japanese ambassador for Water Day last year.Pokemon Fan Makes Bionicle Version of ExeggutorThe impressive folded paper artistic creation comes from established Pokemon origami artist u/ino87origami.

The talented artist and Pokemon fan appears to have included all of the major characteristics that are unique to Vaporeon, including its tail-fin, the ridges along its spine, its neck frill, and its head fins.

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